ECCR-2019 rocks @ Werchter

Our aim is to serve you all you need on the campground itself. Should you have to find a store, you can find all nearby stores in the “Shopping” tab. There are plenty in the neighbourhood...

Food & Drinks

For general food and drinks, there are different food trucks planned on each day of the event (certainly at night).
Our party tent serves drinks almost all day.

Special coffees will be served at the Capriole Coffee Caravan
We have our special beer tasting evening on Friday! More info below at “Beer tasting
On Saturday eve, we have our meal together served from special food trucks. More info below at “Saturday Evening Dinner”.


We will try to make arrangements with a bakery shop to deliver on the campground each morning.

Coffee Bar

Capriole on Wheels1The coffee bar will be present on our event.

Capriole, a local coffee company from Kampenhout (nearby village), recently added a food truck (a Belgian De Reu caravan) to their promotion pallet.

Capriole on Wheels5









They will serve us coffee all weekend long...

Beer Tasting

The beer tasting will be organised on Friday evening and competently commented by members of the OBAD - Objective Beer Academy Diest.
They bring 8 Belgian draft beers.
Extended with their own "The Ten Commandments of O.B.A.D." in bottle. That is a one-off beer, and will therefore be exclusively available at the ECCR.

About OBAD...

OBAD2First and foremost, we are all lovers of a good glass of honestly brewed beer, and we appreciate the wide range of flavors and the many authentic beer styles that our country has to offer. We respect the passion and craft of the many small (er) artisanal brewers who are often still involved with traditional beer styles.

Because we do not want to lose sight of the rich beer culture of our country, we try, in our modest way, to play a role in the promotion of traditional beers and the making of artisanal breweries.
We want to contribute to the enrichment, publication and preservation of our Belgian beer culture by making clear the richness and diversity of the beer landscape, demanding attention for traditional beer styles, and to denounce the flattening and sweetening of the taste and consumption of soulless mass products.

You do not have to be a big beer connoisseur. You just have to be open to all the miraculous that our beer culture has to offer and can enjoy craft brewed beer where the brewer has put his heart and soul into it.

Saturday Evening Dinner

This will be a typical "Walking Dinner". For those who want to sit there are tables and chairs, whoever prefers to stand up can also do that at our standing tables.vol-au-vent-koninginnehapje-640x320

What's on the menu? Typical Flemish food of course ... When you register for this event you will be able to choose from, for example, stew with fries, meat balls in tomato sauce or a queen snack. What the hell is a “queen snack”? The French more or less know this as "vol-au-vent" ... And a vol-au-vent is the French name for a baked puff pastry batter. This is topped with  chicken, mushrooms and sauce (see pic).

More info on typical Flemish food or if you plan to cook yourselves :

Dessert? Of course! We Belgians can not resist this. So there is a caravan with a whole range of possible sweets.

Coffee? Do not let it go ... The Capriole Coffee Caravan will of course also be open!